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 Bill Haley and His Comets In Hollywood USA, 


These are some previously unreleased photos showing the backstage and tourist time enjoyed by Bill Haley and the Comets while they were in Hollywood California filming their first motion picture "Rock Around The Clock".  Most photos were taken by Dino Grande, Johnny's brother and they are from his collection. Please do not copy without proper credit (thank you).

All photos are thumbnails. Click on each photo to see it in full size.

Everyone at lunch.

?, Ralph Jones, Rudy and Bill Haley

 Back lot at Columbia Motion Pictures.

 Ralph and Johnny behind the cameras (note their collars to prevent the make up from getting on their clothes).

 Johnny & Ralph backstage.

 Rudi, Johnny, ?, Ralph & Franny backstage.

  Johnny Johnson & Ralph Jones

  Lord Jim & Ralph Jones

  Ralph Jones getting a touch up.

Al Rex, Franny and Rudi backstage.

Ralph and Rudi at a Chinese restaurant (most likely the Chinese Theatre).

Rudi and Ralph the tourists.

Rudi and Ralph outside the famous Chinese Theatre, checking out the famous tiles.

Rudi and Ralph outside the Chinese Theatre.

Outside the Hollywood Hotel.


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